Hongli Company - Confident Woman Likes Karen Millen Dress

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Ahead of the spring festival, the corporation held a huge ceremony of reward to the whole staff.There's a link which is put the name and date cards of all female employees on a lottery box, the chairman of the company will find a number of them randomly, and also the lucky ones would get Karen Millen Dress, it was undoubtedly that Karen Millen is the sponsor.

The entire staff was exciting at that time, looking at the box unceasingly, and looking forward to the raffle draw results. Surprising to learn that the girl was one of several lucky ones, she got a Karen Millen snow leopard beading dress, which is a snow leopard print silk dress with cut out back and hand embellished embroidery with metallic beads and sequins, 100%, so perfect.

As the rule, the winner should wear the dress and show it, or should make a performance.Even though girl was shy, she had no decision but wearing the beautiful dress, she had a dance with the beautiful melody, most people were shocked; they don't know the unknown girl was their colleague, for she was so beautiful putting on the Karen Millen dress with the dance.

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